City Blossoms

While working in the City Blossoms garden as a part of our community learning activity on Friday, we picked tomatoes amongst other tasks. The garden was meticulously kept, with a whimsical vibe– an environment that was enjoyable to spend the morning in (pictured at bottom). The tasks were not very laborious, but it was nice to see the collaboration and mutual care that went on in the garden.

Now, while at Eastern Market this morning, I came across these extremely photogenic tomatoes that loosely reminded me of our work in the garden. I think that by performing the task of picking vegetables and witnessing a part of the cycle of plant growth, I was able to be more appreciative of these  tomatoes. I think that in an urban environment, it is very easy to lose sight of the connection between the garden and the produce, and even though these tomatoes did not come directly from City Blossoms, it was refreshing to see the fresh produce from a plant that I was just recently exposed to. IMG_0009 IMG_0008

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