All Talk No Plan?

Realizing I took no photos at the International Society for Ecological Economics, I figured a screenshot of my ticket would do the job. This past week I attended this conference full of international academics, leaders of progressive organizations, and research panels– the environment was humbling to say the least. While the panels that I attended were mostly focused on climate change, the overall tone of the conference was focused on sustainability, which I thought tied in nicely with the core of food systems.

Through the presentations it was clear that these individuals and organizations were at the forefront of ecological and economic change through their long and intricate research and developed methods, and while they all centered their work on these problems, there were few mentioned solutions. I guess in oder to develop a solution, the problem needs to be confronted, but while the tone of the conference was inspiring, I left with little hope. Maybe it was just the nature of the conference and the time crunches that each presentation had to meet, but what is the good of all of this collected research without collaboration and a plan? And even if they all had separate agendas on how they planned on incorporating their findings into policy, I feel like that would be ineffective in confronting any grave concern.


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